AONP AAU Basketball Events Presented by All or Nothing Performance. 


NOTE: ALL travel basketball is not AAU and not all people that run AAU events are the same.  We strive to follow AAU Guideline & AAU Official Basketball rules.  We don't use running clocks, take away time outs, we actually do age/grade verification with documents, etc....  If you are wanting to participate in an AAU event not operated by All or Nothing Performance please always ask:

  • Is it a Licensed & Sanctioned AAU Event?
  • Will the Official Rules of AAU Basketball be followed?
  • Will the event count toward AAU Official Rankings?

AONP Basketball Tournament General Information  

Thank you for choosing All or Nothing Performance and our partners as your Event Director.  Our goal is to provide the best events possible while supporting you as AAU clubs.  We strive to ensure all of our events are managed and run the same way.   We have high expectations for our events and the services we provide.  We operate differently from most Event Operators in that we use profits from our events to help fund our goals and support non profit sport organizations such as yourself.  To see how we can help you with your non-profit, fundraising, grant writing, etc. take a look at the tab on the home page labeled nonprofits4youthsports.  

AAU Event & Guidance:  

At All or Nothing Performance (AONP) we choose to primarily partner with AAU to provide a structured program with opportunities to play Regional, State and World Events in Multiple Sports.

AAU Membership

ALL participants MUST have a current AAU Membership.  Athlete’s memberships are available up to the day of the event; coaches and adult memberships may take up to 10 days to be approved.   Why is this important?  As an AAU licensed event and to ensure all insurance is active we must meet the following:

  • License the Event with AAU (If properly licensed the event should be visible on the website and/or the Event Director should be able to provide a license number.
  • All participants MUST be AAU members for the event to be properly covered.  This allows individual and event protection for your athletes in case of injury.  If an athlete is not an AAU Member their claim will be denied.  This could lead back to a claim against your club or you personally.  There is a misconception that if a coach is denied membership there is no way for them to get one.  This is not true.  There is an appeal process.  If you need assistance please contact me at
  • Recommendation:  When purchasing the AAU Athlete Insurance select the Extended Coverage for $16.00.  This allows your team to have coverage whether they play AAU Sanctioned or Non-AAU Events.  Reminder:  Coaches MUST have an Adult membership. Due to the background check please allow up to 10 days.  Please purchase early.  AAU Memberships run from September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022.  To purchase memberships visit 

Coach Dress Code: 

Our goal is to provide a professional atmosphere for our athletes, families and teams that attend.  We recommend all coaches wear a collared shirt, dress pants and no hats.  At National and State AAU Events this is a requirement.  Since these are regular invitational/open tournaments shorts can be worn.  Please consider coaching shorts or more appropriate sports/dress shorts rather than gym shorts.  This is not mandatory but recommended to set a standard for our athletes and families.  If the end goal is playing at a higher level let’s help set the standard the players will see in the future.  

Registration:  We are using RSportz for registration and scheduling.  If you have not registered please visit and select the Registration tab and select an event.  Here you will find the registration link and all the other information you need for the tournament.  

Tournament Cost:  Per Team  Boys & Girl

Grade/Age:  2nd-4th / 7u-9u     All Girl Divisions  Special for 2023

Grade/Age:  5th-9th / 10u-15u$200.00
Grade/Age:  10th-12th / 16u-19u$250.00
  • Special Events:  Some Events may cost more based on facility expenses
  • REFUNDS:  No refunds after the Schedule has been set and released.

Payment Options:   

OPTION 1: Pay Online 

OPTION 2: Skip Payment after registering and pay via Cash App:  $AONPEvents

It is very important to register and submit your rosters early.  This allows us ample time to build the athlete profiles and  complete all the necessary paperwork before the event.

Gate Fees:   This is a cash only event.  Please notify your families so they are prepared when they arrive at the gate.

Daily Pass

Adult  $20.00                                                       
Children  Ages 6-19 Ages 18-19 MUST be in High School$15.00
Children  Ages 5 & underFREE

Weekend Pass   

Children  Ages 6-19  Ages 18-19 MUST be in High School$25.00
Children  Ages 5 & under


Special Events:  Some Events may cost more based on facility expenses

NOTE:  Coaches will receive 3 wrist bands at NO COST.   Requirements:   Coaches and/or Team Manager MUST be on the submitted team roster with verified AAU Non Athlete Adult Membership.  Identification MUST be shown and team staff listed on the official roster to receive bands.  Coaches band can be used for a Team Admin but they MUST have a current Adult AAU Membership and be on the Team Roster.  

Website & Social Media Sites:  In order to support player exposure and to create a better experience for the athletes we provide:


                        All or Nothing Performance (AONP)   @ _allornothingperformance

                        AONP Hoop News  @aonphoopnews  

                    Facebook:  All or Nothing Performance

                    Twitter:  AllorNothingHoopsReview @AONHOOPZ  

Event pictures, results and other media coverage will be posted on these social media sites


Our goal is to have the schedule released by Wednesday.  Changes may occur though based on unexpected changes.

Game times may vary depending on teams but our typical schedule is Saturday 8:30am - 9:00pm and Sunday 8:00am - 6:00pm  THERE ARE NO FRIDAY GAMES

Concessions and Available Food:

 We will make every effort to have food available at the event location.  Due to facility contracts sometimes we (AONP) can coordinate the food and sometimes concessions belong to the facility. 

Team Preparation and Guidance for the Tournament:


We use Official AAU Rules.  The ONLY exception is when a team is up by more than 30 points in the second half and ONLY if BOTH COACHES Agree we will allow a running clock to prevent an absolute blowout.  Otherwise we play 4 quarters, no running clock and standard AAU rules if teams build a large enough lead.  


Register at:  CLICK on Registration and select the Event you want to attend

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER YOUR TEAM FOR THE EVENT.  This is a critical process to ensure you receive all the information concerning the tournament and that we receive the information needed to make the Book Check process run smoothly and quickly. 


PLEASE SUBMIT your roster as soon as possible.  We have attached an AONP Official Roster for your convenience. This is critical to ensure we receive the information we need to complete the athlete profiles.  If you submit your team roster early we will ensure it is available when you check in and we will fill your score sheets out so you won’t have to before your games.  In addition, please attach your official AAU team roster from your club page available at so our staff can verify your memberships.

Book Check: 

To ensure fair play we will perform book checks.  Please arrive an hour before your first game so we may have adequate time to complete your roster and documents.  To speed up the process we recommend using National Sports ID, linking your team to our tournament and this will benefit you by not having to bring paperwork.  We will print the roster and use their verification.  In addition, National Sports ID allows us to verify information and obtain a picture for the player profile.  In case you like the old method of collecting documentation and bringing your book, there will be a process for that to:

Alternate Age/Grade Verification


We make every effort to work with the local hotels to secure the best rates possible.  The Registration link also has a link for hotels for the local area.  If you make other arrangements and don’t use the ones we suggested please let us know who you did use so we can work on better rates or facilities in the future.  PLEASE BOOK YOUR HOTEL EARLY TO GET THE BEST RATES.  CHECK OUR HOTEL LINK FOR RATE DEADLINES   Located on the Event Page 

Upcoming Events:  Visit

Free Training & Background Checks

AAU Provides Coaches FREE Training and Background Checks to provide a better event/game experience.  Training for AAU Coaches is located on our All or Nothing Performance website sport pages.


We play based on skill and combine age/grade.  Example Grade 6th/12u DI Our goal is to provide DI, DII and DIII divisions if the amount of teams competing in the event allows adequate games and competition.  If not we may have to combine divisions for Pool Play but will make every effort to make Championship Play available in the proper Division.

AAU Team Power Ranking System  AAU provides a State and National Ranking for Boys & Girls Basketball.  New for 2023:  AONP will now provide our own ranking system.  Last year we had teams from 14 states and we are excited to provide this service to all of you.

AONP Player Exposure Program:  Since AAU doesn’t have an Exposure Program for Tournaments other than Captain U we have partnered with RSportz to provide what we feel will be one of the premier exposure opportunities in the country.  Regardless of financial hardships, economic status or lack of resources our program will provide ALL athletes equal opportunitiesFREE Player Profile, Game Footage, opportunities for affordable highlight tapes, game stats, Combine Results measuring athleticism, skill and education.  Knowing most players may not go D1 we focus on all players and provide FREE access to ALL College Programs.  Partnering with AAU Select Tour we are in the process of loading thousands of players and their information and AAU Select Tour Feedback to our system.  By the end of the year we will have over 2500 profiles from at least 12-18 states. To support our multisport athletes and their college dreams our exposure program supports multiple sports and can link profiles of players.  More information to come in 2023

Player Ranking System- We strive to showcase individual athletes and ensure they receive exposure and credit for their hard work.  We use our Sports Combines to measure athleticism, skill and education requirements to rank players.  For younger players, development is more important than exposure, so we use our camps and clinics with combined scores to prepare them for the future and provide an individual ranking system to drive them to improve using friendly competition.

All Star Opportunities:  Teams from multiple states who play in our tournaments are eligible for the AONP AAU All Star game FREE of charge.  Teams will be formed if states have enough players to participate in their Grade/Age Division.

Intern Opportunities for College Students:  We use college students in multiple studies to support our programs.  Visit 


We believe if we invest in your organization you can make a bigger impact on the athletes you serve.  By attending our events it allows us to help your organization grow, prosper and support more athletes.  

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